The internet has brought the biggest boom in every possible industry, business, and occupation around the globe. The inception of the internet has given other dimensions to businesses for exploration, and every possible business has capitalized on it in many ways. One thing which saw a significant rise and impact due to the internet is e-commerce websites, where a website is built around products and services to be sold over it. 

A lot of businesses have emerged out and made a mark on the world through this idea. Many people have been getting new and extraordinary ideas for e-commerce sites, and a lot of them do not have any backing or funds to put them into work. Since the internet has given scope to nearly everything, there are also ways through which one can build a free ecommerce website. This article will break down the same thing in detail.

The Type Business Is Crucial For Further Decisions About Your E-Commerce Site

From fashion to medicines, currently, there are e-commerces sites for every possible product and service, and each of them is developed and designed in accordance with their type of business. 

fashion-based eCommerce site will be prioritizing the brands which are mostly sold on top of their pages or will be separately kept in a way to get noticed. This explains why considering the type of business before jumping in to build the site. 

There have been so many ecommerce sites that have some of the best and amazing things to offer, but when people visit their site, they have very poor interaction with the site and end up not finding anything suitable for what they are looking for.

Knowing Your Targeted Audience

When you are thinking of building an ecommerce site, then make sure that you have a clear picture of your target audience. Having a clear understanding of your targeted audience will let you build a website that is in accordance with the likeliness and handiness of websites. 

If you are building an ecommerce site that is targeted to people of age 40+, then you must be aware of the fact that people of this age usually aren’t tech-friendly, so you must build a website in a way that makes it as convenient as possible for them to be guided across the website.

The Domain

In order to start your e-commerce website, the very first thing you want is a domain in the name of your website/business. To get a cheaper or affordable domain for the website to get your business a unique name that is rarely in demand and people do not have an eye for it. Such domain names come quite cheap and are less likely to be wanted by any other individual in the near future as well.

If you go after a domain name that is quite fancy and might have crossed through the mind of many people, then there are high chances that the .com with the domain will not be available, and you will be given options like .net, .org, etc. Believe it or not but it does make a difference. It adds a lot to the credibility of the website in the opinion of users. Going for a domain name with .com is always one should strive for.

Any strongly unique domain will not cost you more than $20 for at least a year. Once you have got the domain in your hand, then the journey towards your dream e-commerce site has already begun with this first step. 

The Hosting

One thing which is most important and holds your site together is the hosting. Each website needs hosting through which it can be developed and designed to make it live. Many hosting platforms offer hosting services in many different price ranges, and there is open source, WordPress, Ecwid, etc. They all have different price ranges for different kinds of hosting. 

If we take the example of WordPress, then hosting your site on WordPress will not cost more than $5 a month in any case, which is quite affordable. With such a low cost, their services are safe and reliable, where one can host his site on a decent level. Having your website hosted on a known service provider adds a lot to your site and offers a number of benefits that the site enjoys for the period it is being hosted.

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To build an e-commerce website you have great web development skills. The more skilled you are at web development and designing, the better and attractive website you will create, which will lure people into it and will not let them leave it so easily. If you do not have any web development skills, then my friend, you have chosen a very hard path of jumping into building an e-commerce website. 

One thing which saves the most money when a person with development and designing skills is himself is the man behind the idea of business the site will carry. If this is the case with you, then don’t be badly disappointed because if you have dedication and your idea has potential, then you can look out for affordable ecommerce website developers or a developer friend of yours will definitely help you out with it because everyone wants to be part of something great. 

You must be having a developer friend around you somewhere as there are so many of them in every place. Lookout, find the right one, explain to him your idea and ambition towards it, and if that one doesn’t work out, move to another person, you will eventually find the right one. In response to his efforts, you can offer the partnership in the business by discussing the ratio of percentage. 


Website development is something that is the backend of the website, but the real image of the website is part of the web designing, and one must have a great web designer for the job. Many studies have claimed that a good design of a decent website helps the overall functioning and reception of the website. Due to the same reason, you should always prepare a design for your website which is attractive and in accordance with the kind of goods or services you deal in. 

Try to reach out to as many web designers as possible who can really get intrigued by your idea and would agree to work without paying for your site. You can offer your designer the partnership in the business as well because, let’s face it, a developer and the designer should be at your disposal all the time when you run an e-commerce site. 

There will be a requirement of frequent changes and updates on your site every now and then, in both the backend and the design as well. Having them as your partners in the business, they will also keep coming with new ideas and things to add, which can take your site to higher ratings and hits, which will eventually increase the business and will benefit all three of you. 

Concluding Works

Building a low-cost ecommerce website isn’t that easy, but it’s not impossible at the same time. What you need is finding the right people and other small yet crucial investments towards the development of your site. If you think your idea of a brand new ecommerce website is something that has the perfect audience around places, then don’t wait for anymore. Just go for it.

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