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August 12, 20210

Project documentation is one of the initial and most crucial phases of the software development life cycle. This is the step where you explain your project requirements to the developers and help them understand your vision about the final product.

However, it’s no argument that documentation is a time-consuming task and it can take several hours to document even a small project with minimum complexities. As a business owner, project documentation would be the last thing you’d want to spare your time on.

This is where we can help. Being one of the leading web development companies, we have years of experience working on a wide variety of projects. So, instead of spending time preparing documentation, we’ll directly start working on the project.

Even though it may seem hard to believe, a website or web app can be developed without having to prepare documentation. Let’s walk you through the process we’ll follow to develop the project and ensure everything goes in the right direction.

How We Will Work Without Documentation?

When it comes to working without documentation, communication is the key to successfully complete the project. We’ll update you with the progress report by the end of every week or twice a week (depending on the project complexity). You can go through the report and share your valuable feedback. As per your suggestions, we’ll make the essential changes to the web application so that it meets your objective.

Unlike documentation, this approach is more reliable and less time-consuming. So, if you’re looking to deploy your product into the market as soon as possible, it is better to directly start with the development phase instead of wasting time in preparing documentation.

How We Will Initiate the Work Without Documentation?

If you’re wondering how we’ll initiate the project development without documentation, the answer is Agile Development methodology. Agile is a development approach where there are fewer documentations and more interaction with the client.

Unlike the standard development approach, Agile focuses on smooth communication, which makes it easier to exchange ideas and feedback between the two parties. We’ll initiate the development phase by understanding your objective over a phone call. The phone can go from anywhere between 2-3 hours, mainly depending on the project complexity and your requirements.

Once this initial phone call ends, our developers will begin with the development process. We’ll ensure to meet your requirements at every step during the development process. As we mentioned earlier, we’ll keep you updated at every phase so that you can share your feedback and our team can make the essential changes, ensuring quick product deployment.

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