There is a very thin line of difference between custom designs and ready-made templates, but when it comes to which is better than which, then there is no definite answer. Both of them have their pros and cons. The decision of choosing between them depends on several factors.

Here are some of the key factors that help in deciding which design to choose:

These were some of the factors that help in choosing while selecting. Let us now go on discussing the pros and cons of a ready-made template and a custom design.

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Pros of ready-made templates:

Cons of ready-made templates:

Pros of custom designs:

Cons of custom designing:

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It is difficult to say whether custom designing is better than ready-made templates or vice-versa. But the choice depends on several factors discussed above. Both of them, custom designs and ready-made templates, have their respective merits and demerits. Thus, the choice between them is completely personal and based on the things you are hoping for from your website.

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